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ARTESANA pre-mixture

Common problems and reasons that can be dismissed by using ARTESANA pre-mixture's sweet line


Our ARTESANA Pre-mixtures portfolio



In the line of White Pre-Mixtures offered by Lagomarsino, you’ll find the traditional breads that will delight your customers.

With the English Bread Pre-Mixture you’ll make fresher sandwiches, soft to the palate and with a better look.

The Viennese Bread made with our pre-mixture will appeal for golden crust and its bigger volume. Plus, its crumb will be whiter and spongier.

Our Pizza Pre-Mixture will stretch more easily and allow a lighter crumb with a mild flavour.


Panes y Pizzas


It is time to adapt to new consumers’ needs, and their demands for healthier and more nutritious products, to their desire for new flavours and smells.

Lagomarsino’s team, after an important and innovative development work, offers you the widest variety of cereal pre-mixtures, that will help you increase your range of products and differentiate you from the competition.

From the healthier fibre pre-mixtures to make bran, rye, oat or multi-cereal breads, to the nutritious soy pre-mixture or the Corn’s Artesana, with its appealing crumb colour.

Variedad en Cereales


Lagomarsino presents the most innovative line of sweet pre-mixtures that will introduce you to the most profitable segment in your business. Our mixes for Cakes and Pies will captivate your customers with their unrivalled moist crumbs, their delicious flavours and a texture and grain that will ease the stuffing and decoration.

The Pan Dulce (Christmas Pudding) made with our pre-mixture will be the chosen one in the holidays for its pleasant smell and flavour.

The Pastry Pre-Mixture will conquer your customers for its crunchy and voluminous puff pastry and our Donuts Pre-Mixtures will be a real winner on your shelves and cash register.

Las mejores facturas y panes dulces


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