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POTENTINO Additives Line

Our portfolio of POTENTINO additives line




Because you need reliability and consistency mixture after mixture, Lagomarsino created Potentino’s Line of Improved Additives.

Made with the latest technology on enzimes, oxidizers and emulsifiers, Potentino insures the highest performance for your bakery products.

Our renowned know-how on argentine flours allows Potentino to interpret their specific characteristics, minimizing their cons and maximizing their pros.

This full line of additives has been designed to cover the different processes in baking, from the traditional tables’ method to the elaboration of frozen dough.

Las ventajas de la Línea Potentino

Some of the advantages of using Potentino:

  • It reduces kneading time;
  • Easier to handle and more extensible doughs can be achieved;
  • Better tolerance to fermentation;
  • Slow and firm fermentation;
  • It produces bigger and more developed breads;
  • A thinner, crunchier and better colour crust is obtained;
  • A whiter, softer and spongier crumb is achieved;
  • The final products remains fresh for a longer period of time.


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